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When you talk about Osaka sometimes you can think about delicious "takoyaki"

16/05/2015 16:55

Takoyaki (たこ焼き in japanese) – means a «fried octopus»  - but what is it?

Actually, when I ate it at first time in Novosibirsk (a major city in Siberia) at one of Russian-Japanese party I`ve discovered that there was no any octopus inside of role-dough.
“Why?” I asked to one of familiar Japanese and get this answer
“You know, it`s too difficult to find out fresh octopus in Siberia, so….”
Exactly! He was so right. You never can buy it there, in snow-Siberia, except little-octopus-in-the-can version, but it would be completely different one!   
Yes, we don’t have such food-culture in Russia, but in Osaka you even can`t imagine yourself the ordinary street or district without any signs of this food. You may buy it in grocery store, supermarket as well, and certainly – in special “mise” – a small food-shop, where Japanese-cook permanently frying fresh “takoyaki”.

Obvious feature of this delicious (but someone don`t like it) – it is very-very hot, and you face with the problem of having a simple burn of your mouth, especially, if you challenge it for the first time and still don`t have necessary experience to eat it (like Osaka people). As for me, I think never will be able to eat it like people from Osaka, because I am a “nekojita” – one who can`t eat hot food.      
 Filling of “takoyaki” depends from creator-cook – it might be with cheese, onion, “mochi” (a rice cake) or something else. But the real “movie-star” of this food – sure, it Octopus itself! If you have an opportunity to get “takotaki” you should try it, and sure you would like it!

By the way, sometimes, when you taking a walk-trip in Osaka you might detect weird or funny signboard like one below – octopus cooking another octopus! Gosh!


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