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Syberia and it`s major city - NOVOSIBIRSK in visual images

16/05/2015 17:00

 I`ve being studied in Novosibirsk for more than 10 years, and living in such big and industrial city is always a challenge to yourself and your abilities.
 There are a lot of information about the city in the Internet, but I am going to make a brief introduction in it`s atmosphere and urban landscape by showing some of pictures, photos I`ve taken (during period from 2006 till 2011).
 Hope, you will enjoy it.

1. Novosibirsk's Nikolai Chapel

2. The spring time is quite cute here (especially blossom one)

3. And you can witness some birds in the endless sky

4.These people are waiting for a bus (summer)

5. These ones are also waiting for the bus, but as you can see 
it`s really dirty outside and sometimes situation might turn to a big deal how to get on bus in still clear trousers or shoes...

6. The winter is coming... and you still have to get on the bus!
(yeah, it` s also possible to get to the work by the car or train, but this way too much thrilling and full of adventures)

7. Taxi service is also available. Especially, when snow blizzard has come...

8. Too many cars been parked..

9. So, eventually, it leads to a traffic jam. Not funny at all. 
(image bellow does not show it, just one more view from the USSR-made trolley bus)

10. Also, here we have many building areas. Even in winter. 

11. Novosibirsk also famous for its culture development, and one of major symbol is an Opera Theatre 

12. And inside (before about 40 minutes of the performance)

13. "9 May" is the greatest national celebration and festival,
you are able to become a pedestrian where usually it is strongly prohibited (in weekdays) 
Bellow is the picture of Lenin square. 

14. Summer in Novosibirsk is warmer but not too much hot (as one in Japan, for instance),
and city has plenty of verdure. 

15. If you got tired and thirsty, you can go to the ordinary supermarket and do some shopping..

    Thank you for reading! ☆




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